Australians are already drinking recycled water from desalination plants. In addition, some states are investigating the potential to drink recycled water that has been indirectly added to drinking water supplies, this is known as Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR). Find out more at National Water Commission or download their report below.


Australians already drink desalinated water, which is recycled from sea water. Sydney Desalination Plant is one of the largest operating desalination plants in the world, capable of supplying 15 per cent of Sydney’s water.

Countries drinking recycled water

In the UK, US, Singapore and Belgium, households use recycled water to drink, wash in, and cook and clean with. Wastewater is purified to the highest possible standards removing all impurities, viruses and pathogens. The recycled water is then added to existing water supplies.

National Water Commission(951.0 KB)