What we do

As a local independent water utility, Huntlee Water will provide all water services for the Huntlee community which will boast 7,500 dwellings upon completion.

Public water utilities are not the only choice

Public water authorities and local councils are no longer the only option when it comes to water services in NSW.

This means independent water utilities, like Huntlee Water, can offer water services to the community. In many cases, independent water utilities are offering more innovative and affordable water services.

A new competitive water market is operating in NSW as a result of the Water Industry Competition Act (WIC Act) passed in 2006. The NSW Minister for Lands and Water and IPART administer the Act. IPART ensures the highest health standards and consumer protection.


Huntlee Water’s parent company, Flow Systems, works with developers to design, build, construct, operate and manage water infrastructure and services for new developments.

Flow creates sustainable water networks for land release developments and high rise with a minimum of 500 lots or apartments. We service residential and commercial.

Developer benefits

Developers can pay up to half the price to construct a local sustainable water network and facility on site, rather than connecting to Sydney Water, Hunter Water or local council.

Developers can also speed up land release by as much as 12 months because construction of a Flow Systems sustainable water network is quicker than a public water infrastructure.
Our customers gain a secure and sustainable water source unaffected by drought:
  • Our households use 40 to 70 per cent less drinking water
  • We make homes more sustainable, enhancing property values
  • We get homes higher BASIX ratings
  • Our homes don’t need rainwater tanks, saving money on construction costs
  • Our customers get more relevant information about their water usage
  • Our customers are billed monthly not quarterly
Developers also improve their Internal Rates of Return (IRR) through:
  • Reduced lead-in infrastructure costs
  • Earlier property release and therefore faster property sales
  • Higher property values as a result of a sustainable water solution
Developers can save time and money on planning and DA requirements because Flow Systems obtains all relevant approvals.
Flow Systems’ sustainable water networks:
  • Remove risk to development staging through more economically affordable and environmentally sensitive development and better value to customers.
  • Remove the need to pay for or negotiate the installation of centralised water infrastructure across multiple neighbouring properties.

Working with developers

Developers provide land for Flow Systems’ sustainable infrastructure and in a similar way to Sydney Water or Hunter Water, build water-related infrastructure throughout the development according to our specifications.

Developers pay fixed contributions towards the establishment of a sustainable water network.

All water infrastructure is then handed over to us to manage and maintain on behalf of the community for the long term.

Flow Systems inspects and approves the water-related infrastructure.

We create partnerships with Local Council to ensure a seamless service for customers.

Our customers pay no more than the incumbent public water authority.

The recycled water process

To learn about the process take a virtual tour of the Huntlee sustainable water network at the community level at the local water centre and at the home.

Wastewater is harvested from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. It is then sent back through our sustainable water network to the Local Water Centre where it is purified. Recycled water is then distributed back to homes to flush toilets, wash clothes and water gardens.  

We use Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) and Ultraviolet (UV) technologies to purify and clean our water. Recycled water goes through seven purification processes at Huntlee Water.